Offset Printing
Offset Printing Benefits

Offset printing it is the most commonly used high-volume printing method in-place today. When a business needs tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of prints, offset printing is likely to be the type of printing that is required for this type of job. Now, there are substantial benefits for business owners to choose offset printing over the increasingly common digital printing option, and that is what we are going to explore today -- the benefits of offset printing.

High quality prints

Digital printing has a purpose, and depending on your project, digital printing may very well be the way to go. However, offset litho printing allows for a superior level of print and color quality over digital printing. If your copies require vibrant colors, soft gradients, or the use of specialty inks to replicate a custom color, offset printing is generally the recommended course of action.

Lowered costs for large runs

Offset printing requires the use of a template, or a printing plate, that must be developed specifically for your project. Because of this, oftentimes you will find that larger orders, or a larger number of prints, will allow you to pay a lower per-print price. The reason for this is simple -- printing companies have to invest time, effort, and materials to create your printing template; however, once the template has been made, the only continuing investment that the printing company has, is in their time and the material used. Therefore, while you will pay more money for a run of 100,000 prints than you would for a run of 30,000 prints -- your price per copy for a run of 100,000 will likely be substantially less.

Longer printing plate life

Because offset printing does not require that the printing plate come into direct contact with the printing surface, such as with direct litho presses, offset printing plates oftentimes last longer. Longer-lasting printing plates means that the printing company has to invest less time and materials into your project, which in turn allows them to charge you less money for your copies that require offset printing.

Offset printing is the most common type of printing available today for businesses with high-volume printing needs. Regardless of the size of your business, you can benefit from the use of this type of printing service. Large run cost savings aside, offset printing delivers better quality prints, more consistently, then many of the other readily available printing methods used today.