Smart Tips & Tricks.
There is no exact recipe, but here are a couple of good advices. Every project has at least three sides and they have to work together as a team: designer, printer and paper merchant.

How to choose the right printer
  • ask for samples
  • ask for samples with special techniques which you are planning to use for your project
  • ask what their turnaround time is
  • ask if they have direct imaging press, which makes making film unnecessary
  • ask what line screen they use
  • ask what kind of ink they use, if the ink is chemical free or not
  • ask if they have in-house pre-press and bindery
  • ask how they control quality
  • ask yourself if you are comfortable with your sales rep

  • How to choose the right paper
    It is a good idea to call your paper merchant early and discuss with them your project. Their experience will help you select the right stock. Also they can help you with samples and finishing tips. Do not forget to ask your printer as well. Sometimes printers can be more useful. It is very important to know what you can do with different paper finishes. If you are planning to mail your piece, keep in mind postal requirements about sizes and thickness!